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Time to Get Back to Work: School Edition

As we all know it is that time for children to go back to school. While some children are not returning until Septemeber, many are headed back between now and August. As a provider who have the pleasure of treating teachers, principles and many other school employees one of the most challenging issues we see is that many do not get to eat much during the day and or many are extremely tired once the school day is over.

We want to encourage all parents and school employees to make sure that you continue to prioritize your health. Still continue to set health goals.

  1. Prioritize Exercise Weekly (20-30 minutes before getting ready for work). In home may be best for some.

  2. Make time to meditate/pray daily even on lunch breaks.

  3. Do your best in staying away high carb foods. Instead eat foods high nutrients which helps aid in mental clarity, decrease bloating and more.

  4. As always make time to do something fun outside of the children.

  5. Get away from the noise when you need to and feel overwhelmed

  6. Saying NO is OKAY

  7. Get Accountability

  8. Trust the Process

  9. Remember that you have came too far to go back.

Remember self care is essential and it is a must. Remember as long as you continue to take care of your body everything else in life will align. Until next time...REMEMBER TO RESET TO REFOCUS!!!

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