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About Practical Purpose Solution

Practical Purpose Solutions is a medical clinic that specialize in making our patients feel better. Many are looking for an outlet of healing past just medications. Therefore, our services are uniquely designed to help individuals gain back the sense of taking care of their health through the enhancement of energy and change of mindset. 

We offer services from 1-1 Health Coaching, Counseling, Weight Loss Management, Pre Cosmetic Physicals, DOT Physicals, Wellness Physicals and Vitamin Infusion.

Vitamin Infusion is one of our most popular services providing our clients with the enhancement of energy that they have been longing for especially post colds Giving them back MORE ENERGY which is leading to MORE LIFE.

On Site Providers

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Kendrea Robinson, FNP-C

Kendrea Robinson is married and a step mother who lives in Florence, SC. She was born in Brooklyn, New York and raised in Florence, SC.  She graduated from West Florence High School and obtained her ADN at Florence Darlington Technical College. She then obtained both her bachelors and masters at South University. She is a certified life and health coach in which she gained that from the Health Coaching Institution. She has an extensive history of helping her community through her non profit One Moore Step and in partnership with various organizations across the state of South Carolina.

Her major belief is that every individual have something in them that needs to be sparked and all some people is a good reset. Reason she is always looking for solutions to help individuals be renewed. In her eyes prosperity is not just about money but it is about wealth physically, mentally and spiritually.

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