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IV Hydration Therapy Drips Information


Basic Hydration Drip: Includes 1000 ml bag of plain normal saline. $125


Detox Hydration Drip/IV Push- Helps to eliminate harmful toxins from the body and repair damaged cells and tissues; including glutathione. $100 

All in One (Revitalize/Energy Booster)- Helps with minimizing  joint discomfort, persistent headaches, severe fatigue. This drip consists of calcium, B12 and more. $175


Immunity Drip (Road to Recovery)- Enhance your immunity with this drip, which is great if you have been feeling ill or as prevention during cold and flu season especially if you have a history of sinus issues. This drip is infused with primarily Vitamin C. $150

PPS Hangover Drip- Had a long night of alcohol and just do not like the feeling of  nausea, headaches and fatigue with this infusion. This infusion includes Zofran and B complex to help with symptoms. $175 or you can choose our ALL IN ONE DRIP FOR SEVERE HANGOVERS. $175

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Lipo Mino: Converts carbs into energy leading to weight loss. Also helps to stimulate appetite.

$40 per Injection
4 for $130
B12 Injection: Designed to help increase energy while losing weight.

$25 per Injection
4 for $75