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IV Hydration Therapy Drips Information
Restoration Package- Helps to eliminate harmful toxins from the body and repair damaged cells and tissues; protects your cells from free radicals and enhance your energy and immune levels. $250

Come On Hype Me Up - A Blend of All In One with our Amino Acid Blend to help with severe Brain Fog and Chronic Fatigue. $200

All in One - Helps with minimizing  joint discomfort, persistent headaches, severe fatigue. This drip consists of calcium, B12 and more. $175

Immunity Drip (Road to Recovery)- Enhance your immunity with this drip, which is great if you have been feeling ill or as prevention during cold and flu season especially if you have a history of sinus issues. This drip is infused with primarily Vitamin C. $150

Back and Better Drip- Had a long night of alcohol and just do not like the feeling of  nausea, headaches and fatigue with this infusion. Also helps with stomach viruses. This infusion includes Zofran and B complex to help with symptoms. $150

Dazzling Darling: Detox of the liver, cellular repair, Vitamin Blend with Biotin to help enhance skin complexion, provide a more cleaner look to your skin and helps with acne. $150

Sport/Muscle Recovery Drip: This drip provides with the proper nutrients to help recover your muscles, enhance your energy and metabolism. Leading to better workout and muscle recovery. $175

Additive Injections and or Push: Biotin, Triimmune Mix, Glutathione Push and more.

Basic Hydration Drip: 1 Liter Bag of Fluids= $125

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Monthly Weight Loss Program
  • Medically Supervised
  • Initial Labs Included 
  • Monthly Weigh In
  • Decrease BMI
  • Guaranteed Weight Loss in 45-60 days
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