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First hydrotherapy treatment today with Kendrea and it was excellent! Very professional. As a healthcare provider, I felt at ease and that I was in the hands of an expert! I was feeling sluggish and needed a boost- this was perfect! Will be returning for services.

Practical Purpose Solutions is an outstanding healthcare facility! Kendrea is a phenomenal primary care provider, and I cannot thank her enough for the treatment she provided my husband and I while fighting the Omicron variant of covid. Her IV hydration system...I swear by it!!!! I had Covid once before, and I had no energy to do ANYTHING...this go around I sought Kendrea for IV hydration therapy...I was able to still function without getting behind on everything! Thanks to Kendrea I did not skip a beat this time! She also provided treatment for my daughter who had strep from her school. I'm so thankful for her and will always seek her for medical advice and attention.

Kendrea with Practical Purpose Solutions is very professional, cares for patients overall well-being, and goes the extra mile. I started working with Kendrea last summer for my health coaching journey. She assisted me with getting results with my loss. I have also benefited from her IV Hydration services as I am a person with chronic upper respiratory issues. I am here to tell you that I can tell the difference since receiving these services.

Practica Purpose Solutions is one of the best places that has ever been established in the Florence area. The IV Hydration is absolutely amazing and is definitely worth it. You will leave energized, refreshed and even better then the way you came. Kendrea knows her stuff and will not lead you wrong. She is able to help you continue to be healthy and even get your health back on track if need be. Either way it goes you will not be disappointed !!!!


Aug. 19, 2022: Kendrea was nice and understanding. A true professional. She explained everything to me in understandable terms.'​​

Aug., 05, 2022: Kendrea was professional, prompt, and courteous . She made our experience as positive and pleasant as possible. 

July 29, 2022 Dr. K very professional and knowledgeable'

July 15, 2022 The whole experience was amazing'

Jun 25, 2022 Mrs. Robinson is very nice and caring about her patients.she will take time out to talk with you about your health and do all she can do For you.'


Jun 08, 2022 I was feeling terrible for the past week and yesterday decided to get IV hydration therapy. I instantly began to feel better. Today I am almost back at 100%. The clinic was so clean and relaxing (I slept through the procedure. The massage chair is heavenly!) Kendrea was so professional and knowledgeable. She advised me of all the vitamins and minerals my treatment included and also educated me on how to maintain a healthy balance. Definitely adding this to my self care routine!'

May 20, 2022 She was very pleasant and a joy to be around. The atmosphere was very calming which is what I was looking for.

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