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Time is Ticking: It Is Never Too Late

As the year is slowly ending with approximately 4 months left, we highly encourage you to assess your health goals. Many of you had weight loss or weight gain goals. Some of you just needed and or wanted to get in an exercise routine regularly. Some even wanted to be able to meal plan for work verses always spending your money for lunch or eating unhealthy foods for lunch or dinner. Then there are others who wanted to be able to master not giving so much of you and your time to other people and organizations.

If you struggled the past 8 months this is your reminder that you still have time. We encourage you to reset and refocus. This means being available to step back from the noise and busy life that has been created. Assess where you are and where you plan to head. Although, some of you feel like you are doing. Many of you have not sustained consistency.

Motivation is AMAZING but consistency is what drives results. When it comes to your health consistency is going to get you results. So today we encourage you to find out what you have not been focused on when it comes to your health and do just that.

Get the exercises planned and conquer them. If your goals are to drink more water, plan out what that may look like for life for you. Not what google says but what is realistic for you to drink water. For some it is to drink more water before starting your day because you may not have much time to drink during the day. For others you may have the time to drink throughout the day. For those who can't get proper hydration in, make time to schedule your IV Hydration sessions to give your body what it needs to gain the proper hydration status it deserves. Then there are others who need to carefully plan meals due to their busy schedule. Having healthy food available is easier to intake verses not having anything and being at an increased risk to eat unhealthy foods or grab fast food quicker.

Lastly, remember you are doing this for you. You are doing this because you must be the better version of yourself. Someone needs you more than you know. Your children need you as your best self. Your job, employees and your customers need the best version of you. Being tired, having anxiety and or dealing with an unmanaged disease can lead to so many symptoms that do not allow you to be productive as your highest self. Remember to do while you can because you never want that day to come when you wish you would have taken advantage of prioritizing your health. As many can agree, incorporating exercise and eating clean weekly brings so much energy to aid to great productivity. Use SMART: An Acronym to help you achieve your health goals.

S: Be Specific

M: Make sure your goals are Measurable

A: Make the goals realistic to be achievable

R: Make the action plan Relevant to your needs

T: Allow the goal to be time sensitive and goal make in adequate timing

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