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Time to Get Unstuck

Do you have goals that you just seem to not be able to reach? Have you ever wondered why you cannot get to the next level in your vision it is pertaining to your health and or your business. One of the main reasons that many individuals have issues with getting unstuck is Self Judgement. Not believing in one's own capabilities.

Sometimes individuals do not believe that they are able to do the work because they have failed themselves in the past or they are nervous about the work it may take. This can lead to low self-esteem and expectations. 

Other ways to get Unstuck are to LET GO of your past disappointments. Holding on to what has not been done does not help you make up for lost time. You must let it go to RESET the mind and make room for better. 

You can also RELEASE TO RECEIVE Find ways to relax through talking with someone, whether it is a loved one or a mental health therapist. Make sure to find ways to get assistance but join support groups. You can also reach out to individuals who have expertise in the field that you need assistance in. 

Use SMART goals which are the following: 

S: Specific which means to be detailed on what is the goal and to make sure that it is not too broad. 

M: Measurable which means that the goals that can be met. It can be a specific date, place, and time. For example, if you are going through depression. Set the appointment with the mental health therapist. 

A: Achievable which means to make sure that the goal can be met. Make sure that the goal is reachable and not out of reach. Meaning that if you want to lose 50 lbs. Start with losing 10 lbs. in 4 weeks.  

R: Relevant is being realistic about the goal that you want to do. Make sure that you are making goals that you want to achieve and not goals that may feel forced. 

T: Time-bound is great to set due dates and times that are most likely to be met. 

Lastly, do what it takes to stay unstuck. Enhance your energy that is needed to get unstuck. Sometimes it requires you to exercise, eat “energy” foods such as vegetables and fruits and find ways to release stress through hobbies or mental health outlets. Get you a personal trainer, mental heath therapist, trust worthy provider or someone that you know will help you get unstuck and take you to your next level.

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