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Self Love Check 101: Where is Your Focus?

As February is Heart Health Month, our main focus is to continue to help clients understand the importance of being health conscious. Many times individuals fail at preventing heart attacks, diabetes and many other chronic diseases due to the word "Stress."

We challenge you to take this month to focus on you and the vision you see for yourself. This is a time of the year where deaths have increased again. As the pandemic continues we encourage you to stay focus on the maintaince of your sanity and peace.

Rather you feel most at peace when you are home doing nothing or when you are at work being a busy body. Do what makes you feel most at peace. Stay focus on the goal you have set for your self care. and don't waiver that for anyone not even the children.

As we celebrate Heart Health Month we encourage you to continue to make time to stay

  1. Physically 2. Mentally 3. Spiritually and Emotionally Active.

These elements will always keep you balanced and at peace within. Leading to healthier living.

In conclusion, make this "Love" month count. Hold yourself accountable and do what is necessary to help you stay balance and keep your peace. Remember this may look different for everyone. Some may rather take themselves out on dates while others may want to sit home and watch television. Then there are others who may just find themselves writing love letters to themselves. It is all up to how you want to claim your peace in this month of February.

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