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Mothers Day Edition: IT IS YOUR TIME

May is the month that we get to celebrate many but to all mothers and women who play a mother role to many individuals. This month we encourage you to take time to self-evaluate where you are in your health. Are you physically, mentally, emotionally where you want to be in your health? Are you meeting the goals that you have set for yourself?

As we enter a new month, we encourage you to make time to reflect on the past 4 months. Did you conquer the goals that you set for yourself in January or the past 4 months? Where can you improve and dedicate more time to saying yes to you? Are you truly available to do the things that require your attention such as exercising, intaking proper nutrition and even drinking your water as you should.

If you think back and realize that you have been putting yourself on the back burner, put yourself to the front. Allow the month of May to be the month where you can RESET AND BE RENEWED. This is the message for you to push past your normal activities and start being available to exercise. Set your alarm to eat lunch and or even drink your water hourly if possible.

Have discussions with your family and friends and let them know that some activities and functions you may not be able to attend because you have some other things to get done, which is you. Make saying "NO" easy.

Make time to remove distractions such as people and things that are taking up space from you moving forward with taking care of you. If it does not serve you peace and allows you to operate from a space of clarity, peace and prosperity then you need to let it go. If it does not align with your purpose and it is hindering, you from progression in your life to the greater of life then you know your desire find a healthy way to let it go.

For the rest of MAY, dedicate yourself to you, self-evaluate and remember it is your time. Time to reclaim your time back. You are giving so much to so many people but never refueling yourself back up.

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