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Mental Health Awareness

As we end this Mental Health Awareness month, we want to encourage you to find peace within. Mental Health is one of many diseases that have been brough forth since the pandemic. Some people were already practicing mental health techniques to help decrease symptoms that came along with Anxiety, Depression and or both.

Once you have realized that stress triggers you to have unhealthy behaviors during situations or periodically make sure to see a mental health therapist. Tips that are most recommended is to see someone you do not know or does not know. Also make sure that you find someone that you feel you will be open to.

Mental Health Therapy is a well needed service that many don't take advantage of. So, as we go into a new month, lets continue to remove the mask and tap into our issues. Seek Mental Health Therapy now and forever. Remember if you can't afford Mental Health Therapy

Down Below we have a few tips that Evonne L. Young, MA encourages many that it is okay not to be Okay.

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