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What is Nutrient Infusion?


IV Hydration Therapy is the only process that ensures up to 100% of vitamins that are absorbed in our bodies. Adding nutrients to infusions are designed to help individuals with the following:

  • Combat Fatigue 

    • Post Cold​

    • Depression

    • Anxiety

  • Energy Booster

  • Immunity Booster

  • Manage Flu Like Symptoms

  • Combat Jet Lag

  • Aid in Post Cosmetic and Bariatric Surgery

  • Detoxing

  • Beauty Enhancement

Process includes inserting a small gauge intravenous needle through your veins that takes approximately 45 minutes-60 minutes to infuse. 

Hydration pricing varies per patient and are located on our Nutrient Infusion Page

Mobile&Group Services Available

All new office visits and consultations require a $50 nonrefundable deposit prior to security of appointment.
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Lometria Promotional Ad.jpg
All weight loss consultations are $125  require a $50 nonrefundable deposit prior to security of appointment.

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