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As February is heart health month, I encourage you to evaluate your heart health. Evaluate on a physical level but also on an emotional level. Many individuals are emotionally unstable because they refuse to address mental illnesses. Sometimes emotional instability has nothing to do with not having a spouse or loved one to call their significant other. In some situations, it can be life stressors that lead to depression and anxiety and can become an issue when they are not addressed which leads to emotional instability.

Today I encourage you to do a heart check. Jot down the stressors that may be affecting your day to day. Sometimes those stressors that are not managed can lead to hypertension, diabetes and or heart attacks. That is why it is essential to look at your day-to-day response to stressors. Understanding what healthy coping methods look like and making sure that you are properly responding to stressors and coping with the difficulties of life.

As we have all gone through the emotions of COVID and now there are many different post covid situations that lie ahead, the best advice to you is to make sure that you evaluate where you are. Proper response to life stressors is significant to preventing diseases such as depression, anxiety, hypertension, diabetes, heart attacks and more.

If your heart posture is not in the proper place, it is time to get your heart posture in place. Make sure that you are exercising, drinking your water, and coping with situations properly. As we push through 2023, we must make it count but we shall live in abundance, peace, and happiness in doing so.

In order to continue to live and thrive it is time to recognize your weaknesses and use your strengths to push past those weaknesses and live, live, live. Do not focus on a recession but focus on RESETTING!!!

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