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Lets Talk: National Minority Health Month

April is National Minority Health Month and although this has a lot ot do with how well minorities are being receptive to the health information that is provided and or if the infomration provided is conducive minorities learning environment as patients.

Lets talk about the issues that minorities face and how can you help minorities become more consciously aware and in tuned to their health. Many minorities face habits daily that have been acquired as children from certain foods that were adapted to eating to not adapting to activities such as exercising as a habit.

As the world continue to shifts, it is essential that individuals continue to help each other come together to focus on healthy habits. Acquiring healthy habits are a way to living a more quality filling life. Many minorities struggle with being consistent with healthy habits due to possible financial strain, lack of knowledge, change with time at work and maybe just not having the desire to focus on their health.

It is essential that minorities focus on first being conscious about their health. Knowing and learning your body is essential to understanding what to tell your provider. In addition, it allows your provider to be able to properly treat you. This can lead to treating deficiencies, obesity and many other conditions that sometimes goes unnoticed to busy lifestyles and of the unknown.

For those who have been conscious about your health...KEEP GOING. To those who have been putting yourself on the back burner because you just have not found time yet...MAKE TIME. This month we encourage you to encourage a minority to get in tune with their health.

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