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Holiday Health Tips and Preparations

Happy Holidays to all. Many individuals use the Holidays to spend time with loves ones. It is essential that individuals make sure to implement all the tips that they have been given throughout the years.

As you enter another holiday and a New Year to follow, make sure to start preparing your mind, body, and soul for the greater that is to come for you. Sustaining a healthier lifestyle is the goal therefore we encourage you to do the following as you close this year out:

  • Make sure to boost your immune system with Vitamin C (by mouth or injections).

  • Make sure to implement what your providers have encouraged you to do especially if you are vitamin deficient such as Vitamin D intake for Vitamin D deficiency. As diabetics and our hypertensive clients, make sure to take the medications that have been prescribed for you.

  • The goal for everyone in life is to make sure that individuals operate in a place of decrease stress. During the holidays people are always in a rush. With only a few days left make sure to pace yourself in the crowds.

  • Take at least 2-3 days to meditate before you get ready to travel and or go be with loved ones on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day.

  • As always make sure to limit your carbohydrate and sugar intake for Christmas if you know that you are going to indulge in eating heavy carbs and sugars.

  • Diabetics limit your carbohydrate and sugar intake for sure. If you have hypertension and or congestive heart failure monitor your sodium intake.

  • For liquor drinkers be mindful that liquors are derived from starches and fruits so monitoring your intake is essential as well

Most importantly enjoy the Holiday and allow this time to be a time to RESET to REFOCUS before the New Year. Embrace the year as it comes to close. Focus on the goals that you have achieved this year and goals that you plan to achieve next year. Make sure health goals are on your goal list.


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